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How BoxMeo combines purpose and profit

At BoxMeo we are passionate to give! Together with the Samariterstiftung, we donated 1.000 FFP2 masks to our regional community in Aidlingen. The masks are now used by people in need or at public institutions wherever they are urgently needed.

Startups are changing the world for the Better - so is BoxMeo

We believe that purpose should be at the center of what businesses do. That's why our core business is focusing on how to do good wherever we can and to create a sustainable impact.

We want to leverage our resources and achievements to do good. Regardless of how small a start-up business is, we believe that profit can go hand in hand with purpose and that giving back will have a positive change.

To achieve our sustainable impact we have two ways:

  1. Social initiatives: Collective action makes the world a better place ?
    Through our partnerships we aim to deliver aid rapidly and to people most affected by COVID-19 worldwide. Our first social project will be realized by the end of April 2021. So stay tuned :) 
  2. 1+1 Principle: You buy 1 - we donate 1 ?
    We combine purpose and profit by giving back to people in need. We share and do good - with every sold box we support people in need. 

The BoxMeo team wishes everyone good health ?? Lots of love - Laura 

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