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Save your health, save your money, save our planet.  


BoxMeo Celsius

box your mask virus-free

Optimized for heat inactivation of coronaviruses. BoxMeo Celsius ensures a hygienic usage of face masks with the possibility to inactivate coronaviruses by using solar energy. A thermometer will indicate if your face mask has reached the potential heat to inactivate coronaviruses. Store your face mask in a hygienic safe place and box your mask virus-free using the sun.

Save two lives for the price of one. With every ordered box we will donate a mask to people in need.


BoxMeo Mini and Classic

the safe place for your face mask

Optimized for sleek and discrete use in everyday life. Your portable safe place for face masks. Whether in the office, in the car, or at home, keep your face mask hygienic.


Certified FFP2 face masks

Masks are a key measure to suppress transmission and save lives. Masks should be used as part of a comprehensive 'Do it all!' approach. (W.H.O)
We are providing FFP2 NR face masks with CE 2163 Certification
EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009; Regulation (EU) 2016/425

Gofundme- BoxMeo Donation
Fundraising for COVID-19 relief

For people already living in crisis, COVID-19 is devastating. Support us in delivering aid for people in extraordinary need.

Together with your support, we want to donate another 10,000 hygiene boxes and masks to India's street children. In this way, they can better protect themselves against the danger of the coronavirus.

Working together makes the world a better place!
Please support us - every euro counts ♥

You also want to take action and help the most vulnerable?

Please donate directly to our non-profit organisation Impactiful: IBAN CH50 0900 0000 1558 7378 4 reference "Corona Relief" or via Paypal. Or support us in our fundraising campaign at GoFundMe

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The benefits of BoxMeo



sanitize your face mask after every use by just simply using the BoxMeo.


Hygienic safekeeping

don't bear the risk of coronaviruses infection by indirect contact with contaminated surfaces.



instead of disposing your face mask you can reuse it. Saving the environment and stopping the coronaviruses pollution.

 How to box the mask virus-free...

  and let the sun do the magic

Mask boxmeo

Used face mask

is unsanitary over time and can be contaminated with coronaviruses.


Put it into BoxMeo Celsius & place it in the sun

Keep the face mask at a hygienic place. Heat can inactivate coronaviruses.  

box mask sun

Wait for the temperature to rise 

Coronaviruses get inactivated at temperatures reachin  from 60 °C to 100 °C.

clean mask boxmeo

Take out your face mask

when the temperatures have been reached you can hygienically reuse your face mask.


Heat inactivates viruses -
A proven Method

A study published on April 2, 2020 in the journal "The Lancet" says that the coronavirus is [...] susceptible to heat. Other studies confirm that COVID-19 can already be inactivated at relatively low temperatures. 

Our laboratory tests confirmed: The Coronavirus is inactivated when the BoxMeo Celsius reaches  60 °C for 60 minutes, 70 °C for 20 minutes and 80 °C for 10 minutes.

We focus on sustainable impact

Aligned with the UN SDGs 03 health & well being , SDG 12 responsible consumption & production, SDG 17 partnerships  



Per sold box we donate a face mask to people in need.
+Initiatives to donate our solutions in emerging countries.



Reduction of tons of face mask waste by keeping them hygienic with BoxMeo 



Providing solutions for hygienic workplaces. Supporting the regional economy

Become a partner to show solidarity!

Our win-win projects to support people in need

BoxMeo South-Africa

One for one

Purchase boxes for your company to provide hygienic workplaces. For every box you buy, we donate one mask to people in extraordinary need.

Your benefits:
Employer Branding
Improvement of your CSR
Assurance of hygienic workplaces


Sponsoring / Donations

Sponsor a special amount of Boxmeo's or PPE to support people in extraordinary need.

Your benefits:
Resilient coronaviruses Response
Improvement of your CSR
Branding and advertisement with reach

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Why BoxMeo

Face masks are critical in our everyday life but may carry a risk of COVID-19 infection when not used properly (WHO).

With mask being our loyal companion in these days, thehygienic use and re-use are important.

Mask disinfection methods like UV light, sanitizer, or washing may reduce the effectiveness, damage the mask, or are not effective enough. These solutions are only focusing on disinfection of face masks. The safekeeping is neglected.

BE HONEST, are you keeping your face mask on a hygienic place?
BoxMeo Celsius allows the hygienic safekeeping of your face mask and with the innovative features, you can expose it to the sun and inactivate coronaviruses by using dry heat.

The hygienic reuse is not only for your health prevention important, but also for the environment. With a degradable lifespan of 450 years, masks are an ecological time bomb given their lasting environmental consequences for our planet. Scientists scheme that there will be more masks than jellyfish' in our oceans.

We are aware of this problem and develop alternative solutions to reuse face masks. With that we can save several Billions face masks of waste per month.

Known from 

BoxMeo is in the TOP10 of the VersusVirus incubator.

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